Instruction to Authors


  1. Manuscript Preparation
  2. 1. Authors should prepare their manuscripts, clearly legible, typed single-spaced on only one side of the paper, one column for abstract only while for text, equations and figures on two columns, 10 pt. Papers should be no more than 8 pages A4 in length. Authors should include their names (first name, middle initial and last name) and their current address for correspondence. Headings and subheadings should be used throughout the text to divide the subject matter into its important, logical parts. The document must be fully compatible with MS word.

2- It is preferable to prepare each manuscript in the following order:

  1. Title should be short but informative, centered, bold, and in capital letters with letter size 12 pt Bold Times New Roman fonts.
  2. Author(s), full name, affiliation and address.
  3. Abstract of not more than 200 words in English and Arabic (if possible). (Keywords should be included).
  4. Text illustrations, figures and/or photographs should appear consecutively throughout the text.
  5. Conclusions.
  6. Acknowledgments, if any.
  7. Nomenclature, if any.
  8. Articles should be submitted in English with a short abstract written in Arabic (if possible) of up to 200 words, clearly indicating the object and scope of the paper as well as the results achieved.
  9. All sections and subsections should be numbered.
  10. SI Units should be used. Other units may be given in parenthesis.
  11. All mathematics and special symbols must be typewritten using MS equation editor and defined in the text when they first appear. If a list of symbols is needed, it should be arranged alphabetically under a Nomenclature section.
  12. References Citations within the body of a paper are given as Arabic numerals. These numerals are of the same type size and font as the text material; the numerals are enclosed in square brackets [ ]; and the numerals precede any text-related punctuation that may appear. Multiple references are given within a single set of brackets. References must be written in the order they are cited in the text. The following are examples of reference citations that conform to the YJES style:


[1] Cengel, Y.A., Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach, McGraw-Hill Companies; 2nd edition, 2002.


[2] Al-Odat, M. Q. and Al-Hussien, F. M., Analytical Prediction of Quench Energies of Cooled Superconductors Based on the Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model, International Journal of Thermophysics, 29 (4), 1523-1536, 2008.


[3] Dicleli, M. and Bruneau M., Non-Linear Seismic Response of Single Span Simply Supported Slab-On-Girder Steel Highway Bridges With Damaged Bearings, Seventh Canadian Conference On Earthquake Engineering, Montreal, Canada, 1995.


[4] Cookson, A.H., Particle Trap for Compressed Gas Insulated Transmission Systems, 1985, US Patent 4554399.

  1. The Editorial Board reserves all rights to make stylistic and/or grammatical changes.
  2. The Editorial Board’s decisions regarding suitability for publication are final.

The Board reserves the right not to justify these decisions.

  1. The corresponding author will receive one copy of the issue in which the work appears, in addition to a PDF copy of the paper.
  2. Copyright Information:

The copyright to this article is transferred to the Yanbu Journal of Engineering and Science (YJES), after the article is accepted by the Yanbu Journal of Engineering and Science (YJES) for publication. The copyright transfer covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article. These include reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, microform, electronic form (offline, online) or any other reproductions of similar nature.

The author warrants that this article is original and signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors. The authors also warrant for his/her power to make this grant.

An author may make his/her article published by the YJES available on his/her personal home page provided the source of the published article is cited. After submission of this agreement, changes of authorship or in the order of the authors listed will not be accepted.


  1. Manuscript submission

1- Original contributions submitted for publications will be refereed and fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Full length research papers.
  2. Review articles.
  3. Technical notes.

2- Papers presented at technical conferences are acceptable for submission to the Journal. 3- Manuscript can be submitted to YJES by the following method:

By Email: Authors can submit their manuscript to the Editor in Chief via Email:

4- Clearly indicate who is responsible for correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, including post-publication. On the manuscript, the corresponding author should be identified by an asterisk and footnote. Ensure that telephone and fax numbers (with country and area code) are provided in addition to the e-mail address and the complete postal address.

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