Pages 1-13 Hossam Altaher, Manar Hassan, Fahd ElOufi and Yehia Magdy  Abstract In this study, activated carbon was prepared by microwave radiation from dates pits using three chemical activators namely, zinc chloride, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid. Different preparation conditions like activator type, power and time of microwave radiation were assessed. The efficiency of prepared activated carbon was evaluated

Pages 15-20 Adnan Al-Harahsheh, Zaid Ahmed Al-Anber and Omer Alnhoud Abstract In this work, the theoretical calculations were carried out for a heat pump assisted crystallization process. The studied method includes a heating process of mother liquor in a crystallizer for direct evaporative crystallization. R-134a is used as refrigerant. The coefficient of performance (COP), exergetic efficiency (ex),

Pages 21-28 Emad Yousif, Wasan A. Al-Taa’y, Riyadh Noaman, Bushra Esmael, Jenan Abdalameer, Quraish Abbas and Ahmed Ahamed Abstract Optical properties of pure and doped poly(vinyl chloride), PVC contain a triazole ring (P), with different concentration of nano titanium oxide TiO2 were studied. The films prepared by using casting technique. Spectra of transmission, absorption and reflaction were used to

Pages 29-40 Ganesamoorthy Thirunarayanan and Krishnamoorthy Guna Sekar Abstract Some 4-(6- methyl-2- naphthyl)-5,6- dihydro-6- (substituted phenyl)-4H- 1,3-oxazine-2- amines have been synthesised by hydroxyapatite catalyzed solvent-free cyclization of 6-methyl- 2-naphthyl chalcones and urea under microwave irradiation. The yields of the oxazine were more than 85%. The synthesised oxazine amines have been characterized by their physical constants, analytical and spectroscopic data.

Pages 41-54 Saeed Asiri Abstract A dental implant is considered as the best treatment when dealing with the loss of teeth. It gives beautiful results and can last longer than most of other treatments. Osseo-integration period is a critical period for implant stability. The material used for dental implants is one of the most important factors affecting the stability

Pages 55-63 Abdelmadjid Maireche Abstract The paper described the exact solutions of Schrödinger equation for diatomic molecules with pseudoharmonic potential2rrrre eDrV, it was solved by applying the Boopp’s shift method to first order in the non-commutativity parameterand standard perturbation theory, the bound state energy (eigen values) found to be degenerate. It’s shown that the noncommutative Hamiltonian (NC) described automatically a