Pages 1-16 Ebrahiem E. Ebrahiem, Ibrahim A. Ashour, M.M. Nassar, Abdel Aziz A. Abstract The allowable moisture content of transmission natural gas ranges from 4 to 7 pounds per MMSCF (64–112 mg/m3). Water content may leads to solid hydrate formation, corrosion of pipelines & process plants particularly in the presence of CO2 or H2S, slugging

Page 17-37 Ebrahiem E. Ebrahiem, Nabila Shehata, Hamdy F. M. Mohamed, Taha L. Farag, Gaber S. AbdelGhany Abstract Activated carbon generated from cellulosic material such as agriculture wastes received great attention. The synthesis of activated carbon from biomass by physical and chemical activation methods and its classification were reviewed. The effect of carbonization parameters (chemicals

Page 39-48 Fawzan Salem and Mohamed I. Mosaad Abstract This article presents a control method for DC motor drive using Fuzzy PD+I controller based Genetic Algorithm (GA). This control method is adequate whenever it is possible to apply a PID controller or this controller is already applied. The idea behind this controller is to adjust a

Page 49-59 Umar Musa, Ganiyu A. Bakare, Abdullahi A. Mati, Abdullahi Abubakar Mas’ud Abstract Optimal placement of Distribution Flexible AC Transmission Systems (D-FACTS) devices in power networks maximizes loadability, compensates reactive power, minimizes power loss and enhances voltage profile. In this paper, a Quadratic Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Algorithm (QABFA) is used to the optimal location

Page 61-72 Ahmed M. Bagabir Abstract The experimental studies on shock wave diffraction have been done on conventional small-scale experimental shock tube which reveals spatial and temporal limitations. The wave reflected from the walls of the test section interferes with the evolution of the shear layer and its associated vortex. The computational fluid dynamics can

Page 73-83 Ali A. S. and Khashaba M. I. Abstract Friction coefficient displayed by contact and separation as well as sliding when bare foot and foot wearing rubber contacting epoxy reinforced by carbon fibres (CF) and coated by polyurethane and sand particles is investigated. Generation of electrostatic charge (ESC) and its effect on friction coefficient will