Pages: 1 – 13 SURESH KUMAR Abstract:       PDF

Pages: 14 – 22 SYED FAZIL BIN FARUKH and M.SALEEM KHAN Abstract: Pharmaceutical industries of the world are manufacturing their most of the goods in syrup form. The proposed study relates with the designing of medicated syrup manufacturing, using the fuzzy time control discrete event system. The system is designed with three inputs; viscosity, specific gravity,

Pages: 23 -34 H.Z.AZAZI, E. E. EL-KHOLY, S.A.MAHMOUD and S.S.SHOKRALLA Abstract: For digital power-factor correction (PFC) control methods, the duty cycle is calculated in every switching period. One main implementation barrier is the limited switching frequency, due to the limited processor speed. In this paper a predictive digital PFC control method is proposed to solve

Pages: 35 – 49 M Yasir Amir and Vali uddin Abbas Abstract: Quadrotor Helicopter or simply quadrotor is rotorcraft that has four lift-generating propellers. Two of the propellers spin clock wise and the other two counter-clockwise. Control of the machine can be achieved by varying relative speed of the propellers. Quadrotor concept is not new,

Pages: 50 – 67 Hassan Abdulmouti Abstract: The technique of using a surface flow generated by the bubble plume is utilized as one of effective ways to control and collect the surface floating substances in naval systems, lakes, seas, rivers, oceans, as well as in various kinds of engineering processes handling a free surface. In

Pages: 68 – 82 Bahgat. K. Morsy, S.Al. A.Abed Al Gany and Fahad Al-Mufadi Abstract: This work aims to study the effective parameters on forced ventilation by which the fire can be put under control. There are many parameters which specify the forced ventilation such as angle of louvers ‘supply air grill’; this parameter was

Pages: 83 – 90 Ibrahim Mustafa1, Shagufta Ishtiaque2, X.Y. Xu3 and N.B. Wood Abstract: Various numerical simulations of blood flow through stenosed (partially blocked) carotid arteries have been performed in the past but most of them have been limited to laminar flow. It has been reported in the literature that stenosis may promote disturbed flow

Pages: 91 – 106 Hossam Altaher, Andrea Dietrich and John Novak Abstract: In this research the copper mobility through the A- and B-horizon of Bojac sandy loam was studied. This study included both batch and column processes. The effects of pH, total organic carbon (TOC) and humic substances were investigated. The mobility of copper was