Pages : 1 – 10 E. E. El-Kholy, Ahmed E. Kalas and M. El-Shahat Dessouki Abstract: The most problem associated with the conventional two-level phase hysteresis controller is variation of switching frequency over the entire operating speed range of an induction motor (IM) drive. This paper presents a new variable band hysteresis current controller (NVB-HCC)

Pages : 11 – 19 E. E. El-Kholy, A. E. Kalas and M. Fawzi Abstract: In this paper a new switching technique for Direct Torque Control (DTC) fault tolerant induction motor drive is presented, if one inverter leg is completely lost due to such abnormal condition, this system modifies the switching table of DTC system

Pages: 20 – 27 Nadim A. Emira and M. Riad Ghazy Abstract: Piston slap is a transient impact phenomenon existing in the reciprocating engine. It comprises a major cause of the complex transient vibration of the engine. In order to correlate the piston-slap impact with the slap-induced vibration and consequently find out an effective approach

Pages: 28 – 39 Mohammed N. Alghamdi, Lidvin Kjerengtroen, Jon Kellar and William Cross Abstract: The laminate structure of mica is very complex, mostly due to its anisotropic behavior in the direction of the property C33. Therefore, cutting mica sample is always challenging, particularly when relatively thick samples are desired. Thinner samples are relatively easy

Pages : 40 – 55 M. Arsala Khan Abstract: Various Pakistani coal samples were separated into float and sink fractions using media of different specific gravities. The various float and sink fractions as well as the whole coal samples were ashed at 750°C in a muffle furnace and the ashes were analyzed for Co, Cu,

Pages : 56 – 63 Chand Pasha and B. Narayana Abstract: A simple spectrophotometric method for the determination of cephalosporin antibiotics as pharmaceutical ingredient namely cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, cefadroxil and cefalexin using thionin is described. The method is based on the hydrolysis of β-Lactam ring of sodium hydroxide which subsequently reacted with potassium iodate in acidic

Pages : 64 – 75 Hossam Altaher, Andrea Dietrich and John Novak Abstract: Copper is applied to many crops as a fungicide/bactericide, including plasticulture tomato growing operations. Therefore, a laboratory study was undertaken to determine if this agricultural copper can migrate in soil and to determine the mechanisms that account for the movement through soil

Pages : 76 – 83 Farhana Sarwar Saleem amd Saleem Iqbal LalaRukh Kamal Abstract: Earthquake catalogs are a valuable result of fundamental seismological practice and they form the basis for seismicity, seismotectonic, seismic risk and hazard investigation. Before on proceed in such investigation it is essential to examine and report on the spatial and temporal