Pages 5- 10 M. Ramadan Ahmed Abstract: This paper presents a research work has been done through a project for designing, manufacturing, and installing a new electromagnetic caster (EMC) of double molds (double rectangular ingots of aluminum) in the Egyptalum Company.  The main design problem is to terminate the effects of the electromagnetic coupling, between the

Pages: 11 to 19 Tarief M. F. Elshafiey Abstract: This paper highlights the drawbacks of the current security systems for museums and banks. Accordingly, it introduces a design of an efficient and simple security system. The system is based on the fact that any human being radiates an infrared radiation. The proposed security system consists

Pages: 20 to 29 Bahgat K. Morsy, Fahad Al-Mufadi and A.E. Abdelraheim Abstract: An experimental loop was designed and constructed in order to simulate air duct systems usually adopted in industrial processes. In this work, the loop consisted of two main branches; each branch could be fixed at desired angle of inclination ranging from  to

Pages: 30 to 41 Nadim A. Emira and  Nasser S. Bajaba Abstract: The use of solid wastes is not a new concept in concrete industries, but still in its early stages in the growing countries. There is a need to realize the value of recycling the crumbed rubber tires accumulated every year in Saudi Arabia and

Pages: 42 to 47 Kholoud Fahed Hamak, F.Kandil, S.Hamo Abstract: In a wide program of extensive search  for new and  efficient antimicrobial agents,3-isobutyl -2,6-di(thiophenyl-3)piperidin-4-one(1) and its derivatives (2-4) were synthesized and characterized by IR,LC-MS,1H-NMR,13C-NMR.The synthesized compounds 1-5 were tested for their antibacterial activity in vitro against streptococcus, bacillus subtilis, Esherichia coli, pseudomonas, and Klebsiella peumoniae.

Pages: 48 to 56 Hossam Altaher and  Tarek E. Khalil Abstract: This paper deals with the manufacturing of activated carbon from locally available agricultural waste, namely dates stones (DS) to be used as cheap adsorbent for wastewater treatment. The manufacturing process includes the use of zinc chloride, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid as chemical activators. The

Pages: 57 to 64 Y. A. Aina, M. M. Hasan, K. Kheder Abstract: European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) is a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) being developed by European Space Agency (ESA) to make GPS and GLONASS suitable for civil aviation and other applications. It improves the accuracy of the GPS and GLONASS signals

Pages: 65 to 72 Nabeil Ibrahim Fawaz Abstract: The existence of chirality in the positive-parity levels in 105Rh nucleus has been confirmed by the theoretical model Interacting Boson-Fermion Model (IBFM). The IBFM succeeded in predicting the positive parity excitation energy and electromagnetic properties in the 105Rh nucleus. The IBFM analysis suggest the coexistence of triaxial