Pages 1-6 A.A. Zaky and M. T. El-Sonni Abstract The resistance to ground of towers in power transmission lines with ground wires is calculated using difference equations and using the concept of characteristic impedance of a two-port network. The simplicity and elegance of the latter approach is clearly demonstrated, and with practically feasible network terminations is valid for any

Pages 7-16 Kareem M. Nagy, E. N. Abdallah and N. H. Abbasy Abstract Cathodic protection is one of the commonly used techniques to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making the protected metal as a cathode of an electromechanical cell. The main issue of this paper is studying the cathodic protection system of storage tanks to

Pages 17-34 Ahmed M. El-Nagar , Ahmed A. Abd El-hafez and Adel Elhnawy Abstract IEEE 802.11 standard for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) is facing more and more problems linked to security threats, which expose legitimate users to increased risk. Therefore, the security is always a major concern for WLAN development and one of the major challenges in

Pages 35-65 Hassan Abdulmouti Abstract Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) has been recognized as an essential and very useful technique for analyzing two- or three- dimensional complex flow fields and two-phase fluid flows. PIV techniques promise to give improved results because they provide a visual solution taking the total field into account. In addition, PIV offers

Pages 66-78 Nadim A. Emira and Nasser S. Bajaba  Abstract A waste tire disposal is a major problem and the finding of the environmental correct and potentially attractive method is a greatest challenge. One of the potential means of utilizing the waste tires is to process this waste material for the protection of the environment and society. This

Pages 79-90 Fayez G. Aldawi, Firoz Alam and Hazim Moria Abstract At present, a large percentage of fossil fuel energy is consumed by the residential households globally for ongoing heating and cooling. With currently used house wall envelope, it is difficult to achieve higher energy efficiency as it has reached the limit. Therefore, the primary objective of this study

Pages 91-104 Zaid Ahmed Al-Anber Abstract In this work, based on theoretical calculations, had been made for suggesting methods of heating mother liquor in crystallizer for both kinds of evaporative crystallization process. These suggested designs aim to reduce and save the consumption of energy which consequently reduces the operational cost for the two types of crystallization. In the first

Pages 105-116 Tarek M. Elbarbary, Hesham A. Hefny and Atef abel Moneim In solving engineering optimization problems; very special cases of the problems can be solved in polynomial time while, most of them are considered as hard combinatorial optimization problems “NP-hard”, and most of the solution algorithms for these problems are based on numerical linear and nonlinear programming methods