Pages: 1 to 12 Sanaa I.Amer, Osama Arafa, Aziza M. Zaki Abstract: The complete contact-less sensory coverage of the workspace represents a fundamental difficulty for the navigation of autonomous mobile systems. Usually, several sensor systems are used in combination which could be complementary or redundant. The task of combining the information into a usable form,

Pages: 13 to 20 Noureddin M. Ibrahim Abstract: A metamaterial parabolic tap design is proposed and investigated; the tap has a metamaterial filling, it is designed for producing an efficient tapping where the subwavelength focusing exists. The design shows a high efficiency (power/physical dimensions) compared to a metamaterial rectangular tap design and to a natural

Pages: 21 to 30 Abdullah H. M. AlEssa Abstract: Finite element method (FEM) is among important numerical techniques used in thermal engineering analyses. Usually elements are sub-divided uniformly in FEM to obtain temperature distribution  in a fin or plate. In this paper heat transfer dissipation from a horizontal rectangular fin embedded with hexagonal perforations is

Pages: 31 to 36 Salah Gasim Ahmed Abstract: Gears are commonly used for transmitting power between shafts, which imposes the need for higher endurance and reliability, this can be achieved only with the aid of clear and precise knowledge of the stresses on gear tooth during operation. This paper investigates the stresses at gear tooth

Pages: 37 to 41 Emad Yousif, Ali Al-Maamar, Bashar Abdullah Abstract: The inhibition of the corrosion of zinc in 4 M HCl by Naproxen has been investigated at room temperature using weight loss measurements. Results obtained showed that Naproxen is a good inhibitor and its inhibition efficiency (IE %) increased with the increase of inhibitor

Pages: 42 to 55 H .Mohammad, M. Alhammuie, and A. Falah Abstract: Kinetic studies were carried out on the reaction between 1, 7 diamino heptane and hydrogenated C36 dimer fatty acid in melt phase. The reaction was performed at 110, 130, 135, 140, and 150 ºC and was followed by determining the acid number of

Pages: 56 to 64 Ghumman A. R., Yousry Ghazaw and M.S. Abulohom Abstract: Monthly runoff from a catchment is required for water resources engineering and management. This paper deals with runoff modeling from catchments which have scarce data of low quality. Two models namely mathematical conceptual model and Multivariate AutoRegressive – Moving Average model (MARMA)

Pages: 65 to 74 Fawzy.  M. A. El_Behairy Abstract: Several experimental studies have been done long time ago to calculate the fracture energy of concrete [2, 6].  Most of these studies neglected the loss of energy due to the frictional process in the mechanism of experimental set up. All these studies have used the indirect

Pages: 75 to 89 Emad H. Al-Khersan Abstract: Seven vertical electrical sounding points (Schlumberger array) and 32 profiles of ground penetration radar were chosen to completely cover the study area in an industrial establishment site located southern of Iraq / Basrah City. Geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations were also carried out as additional tools to enhance