Pages: 1 – 8 Azzeddine Djaiz, Tarief Elshafiey,   Mourad Nedil , Mohamed A. Habib, and Tayeb A. Denidni Abstract: In this paper, a new ultra wideband slot antenna with single notch at 5.8 GHz is presented. This microstrip-fed UWB antenna is composed of a rectangular slot with a rectangular patch–fed coupling effect. This configuration allows optimizing

Pages: 9 – 18 H. Abderrezek and M.N. Harmas Abstract: DC-DC converters are widely used as power electronics devices. Many control methods were developed for DC-DC converters control mostly with asymptotic convergence. Sliding mode control is a proven robust control approach and will be used to achieve finite time convergence. Furthermore a particle swarm optimization

Pages: 19 – 26 Taib Iskandar Mohamad and How Heoy Geok Abstract: The effect of gasoline RON95 and RON97 on performance and exhaust emissions in spark ignition engine was investigated. The results were obtained from a 1.6 liter, 4-cylinder Mitsubishi 4G92 engine with compression ratio 11:1. The engine was run at constant speed between 1500 and

Pages: 27 – 31 A.H.EL-abd and W.M.Shewakh Abstract: The objective of the study is to explore worker effectiveness with changes in noise and temperature indoors. The experiment is carried out in the south-western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thirty-three Saudi young male subjects were used as sample. Three groups of 11 participants in each

Pages: 32 – 39 N. A. Mostafa Abstract: Anaerobic digestion of the mix (4:1) ratio of lime-pretreated rice straw/cow dung was investigated to determine its feasibility as a feedstock to produce volatile fatty acids. Both batch and fed-batch anaerobic digestions were performed. The influence of the solid content and the addition of rumen fiber on

Pages: 40 – 45 Wasan Al-Taa’y, Mohammed Abdul Nabi and Emad Yousif Abstract: Optical properties of pure and doped polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films, prepared by using casting technique, with different Nickel Chloride concentrations have been studied. Parameters such as absorption coefficient, refractive index, extinction coefficient and infinitely high frequency dielectric constant were studied in the spectral

Pages: 46 – 54 Krasimira A. Stancheva and Chand Pasha Abstract: A simple and rapid procedure for the extraction and analysis of chromium by spectrophotometric method has been developed. Throughout the world the content of hexavalent chromium in cement is under control. In Europe, the new restrictions on the amount of this substance prohibit the use

Pages: 55 – 61 Khalid M. A. Hamad and Husam Mohamed Saddaa Hamad Abstract: In the present model the photo production of the ∅  meson cross section is calculated. The contribution from soft pomeron exchange is calculated using DL model. It is found that this model is over-estimated the data. A mass correction factor related